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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Song in My Heart and A Voice in My Ear

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Listen to the harmony within the sacred sounds of Her universe! 
I hear a symphony that is the inspiration of all creation! 
I sit and listen and learn to play my instrument--this wonderful body and life. With each note, I re-member, and the melody courses through the earth and up to the sky reverberating in the ether. I know this song of love and faith! Isn't it beautiful?! 

I sit in Her chamber and allow Her guidance to resonate within before it flows out of me into the world in the life I create and recreate. I sing the world alive with my joy and sing it to sleep with my love. In moments of silence, I hear the orchestrations of the angels as dimensions beyond my knowing vibrate to the drums of the cosmos. Her incredibly beautiful voice fills my head without passage through my ears, for I suddenly realize that I don't need the body to hear the mysteries of the universe; the body is an intricate instrument of teaching and exploration.


Angelic teacher with humble student as they create a world, swirling energies like conjoined spirals of conch shells or the delicate bones of the ear--the chambers where transformation occurs...

We sit within the hollow chambers, the pink interior smooth from the lovely tan sand that even now rests in nooks and crannies, its abrasive nature calm. Whispers of Her echo the turning of the tides of time as I pause to listen, feel, absorb the messages of She Who Creates. I can choose to listen without participation or I can choose to take charge of my own creative development and accept Her guidance. She shows all of Her own creations in their infinite diversity and I am inspired for no two are the same--ever. The beauty of creation is harbored within each unique expression that mirrors a facet of the One. And so I create, joy shining through even in the darkest moments or images simply because I now realize that every creation has an inherent vibrant spark of the Divine cherished within its design. The sacredness of expression of Spirit. 

Listen...the symphony of life is playing! Her voice is singing!
Sit within the Divine Chamber of Gaia...listen...create!

And this joyous message would not feel complete without sharing one of my all-time favorite songs -- Lisa of CelticWoman singing The Voice (and a delightful video). I wrote about this song in a previous blog that also contains the lyrics and their source.

Oh, and it just wouldn't be right not to share some of Her creations with you...
Phoenix, Pooka, Guinevere, Morgana


  1. Adorable!!!!!!!! Your crew on the couch, all looking up at you with expectant eyes, so cute! So my question is: where do YOU sit? LOL!

  2. I am listening...and her song/our song is a miracle of harmony...my heart is vibrating with pleasure and peace.

  3. I love Celtic Woman. There is something elemental and pure in their music that always speaks to me...that song was pure beauty.

    And you have the most adorable animal ever, Darla!

  4. I meant to say animals! They are just soooo cute!

  5. Brenda, LOL, when they are looking that cute, I confess...I sit in the chair across from them... ;-)

    Laura, we are One... Blessings!

    Talon, their music *is* amazing!!!! Thanks about my babies; they have given me SO much -- they are beautiful souls -- Eckhart Tolle called them Guardians of Being and it is so true.


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