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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crying a River

I cry a river for all the suffering in the world. I cry for the lost worlds and extinct species who were truly wondrous. I cry in sympathy pain for the wounds that run Grand Canyon-deep in Mother Earth and on Her spirit and which are reflected in the violent over-culture. Lack of consciousness brings tears of regret and leaves us isolated, captured in a dying cameo of a forest that once was vibrant but is no more. But seasons and cycles of years and ages and eons across unimaginable distances of time and space are a mere blink of Her eye. She cries and floods the world fresh and full. She is Gaia/Tara, she is crying for our world of communion and community split apart, her tears fill the oceans, the sun rises behind her, and the world sees once more the greening time, trees flourish from the love the spreads outward, the result of compassionate tears of action.

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