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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Speck Within Her Eye

I sit in stillness, small and patient, as the movement ceases like the perfect peace in the center of a hurricane. I crouch upon my puffy cloud of calm, the curve like waning moon, the easing of high energy, the gentle sway of a porch swing.

I see the world and my thoughts far below and beyond as distant markers of time that is manifest but away, away from where I rest as a wave sweeps up behind me, its fingers jumping, splashing, only to settle once more into pulsing presence. "All things in time" I hear.

I reside within Her Eye, the warm glowing Light of Her Love a background blanket in which to nestle. And I am. We are. Same. One. I pause to simply be, the stillness a window through which I can see with clarity and discernment. To observe my world, our world, and for this moment to know without a doubt that the view is true, old and new are the same, only our experience of them changes. To realize that Her eyes rest always within my Self, and all I have to do is shift out of the chaos to stillness. I don't have to go anywhere or do anything or be what someone else expects in order to feel love and peace because She is always right here in my Self. We are not separate.

When I sit in stillness, we are One and the same it is no longer Her Eye but my heart, my soul, my spirit that I find have been here all along. I am but a speck in Her eye and She all the specks in mine, swirling together we create and move and imagine! We move in and out of the Real together like atomic particles winking in and out of space. Always here and not here, to create love and beauty and harmony within.

I perch upon the swirling curve of an ocean of creation...

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