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Sunday, December 19, 2010

She Smiles at Me from Forest Floor

I spy a face among the leaves
Her soft gaze carried in the breeze
with light and shadow rippling there
among the strands of filmy hair
wherein lies all the knowledge bare
for me to see and touch and feel
we are the sacred spinning wheel
of all the cycles of the earth
Gaia breathes to give us birth

see once upon a fairy tale
into Her world I set my sail
and traipsed across the midnight trail
with winds and tides of air
so light I felt my bosom rise in flight
the wings that carry far away
into the dawning of the day
and there I see Her face once more
She smiles at me from forest floor
of damp decay and drying leaves
of interwoven lives that I believe
can hear Her call across the void
and sing Her songs of splendid joy

She is the fairest one of all
and I am Her and She is me
we are the trees that stand so tall
we are the broad expanse of sea
Her face I glimpse and I am free
to hear and know and live and see
She peeks around the edge of oak
and scurries up the scratchy bark
of living symbols standing firm
when will we ever truly learn
that all we are is out of Her
from earth and water
fire and air
our spirits in the ether fair
a glimmer from Her loving eye
can bring a tear of joy to mine

I feel Her near all times of day
to walk or run as my heart plays
or in the darkest shadow fall
feel her know her she is All

I walk the woods this later hour
feeling deep her spreading power
all around I hear her whisper
a twig nap here
a rustle there
and just a glimpse of fairy hair
that's caught upon a brushy snare
limbs of trees across the path
that trip the ones who dare to laugh
at Nature's messy beauty jumbled
like the river rocks once tumbled
are the smoothest in my hand
they shape and anchor Gaia's land

I am only simple cells
formed in one shape skin and bone
and here within my spirit dwells
just like how we are all as One

I look into Her eyes and see
the grace of love fulfilling me
I look again and we are one
Her face is gone our work is done
for when I do no longer see
the separateness of Her and me
then life will be paradise complete
and we will fall on our own feet
for I will find the sacred heart
is always mine and yours and ours
there is no you or Her or me
there is just us always we
so when I spy Her face among the leaves
I know the image is just me

I honor all the gifts of Gaia's shroud
through conscious thought and prayers aloud
I speak to others what I feel
no more secrets all revealed
for Truth is here and now forever
among the leaves wherein we gather


  1. Beautiful as always...I feel deep peace every time I stop by to visit:)

  2. Darla -
    " ...I am Her and She is me
    we are the trees that stand so tall
    we are the broad expanse of sea..."
    You write so beautifully of your deep connection to Gaia and all that is. Very moving, calming and life-affirming.

  3. A lovely meditative poem, Darla. I read it out loud as I sat here watching the sun rise over the Blue Ridge mountains this morning. Thank you.

  4. Laura, Brenda, Rose and Beth, I am touched when we sit connected in the energy of these words and images to honor the Divine.


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