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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pain in the Ankle and Foot

There are at least ten Homeopathic remedies well-known in helping to catalyze self-healing in the ankle area, and quite a few more in general for joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, etc. One of the most prominent for ankles is Ruta graveolens.

However, for those of you new to Homeopathy, this is where it is so important to understand the individual remedies and the whole-person needing support. And also to realize that due to the number of possible remedies (anywhere from ten to a hundred) for the same "symptom," it can often take due diligence in trying a few different ones before arriving at the correct one -- but very much worth working through the process (knowing about potency and dosing, how to evaluate whether a remedy is resonating with the individual, etc).

For example, my husband has been experiencing significant pain in his foot extending from the ankle down to the arch, unrelated to an injury, per se. I must preface this with the fact that, like for many people, getting specific details from him about location or pain or any symptom modalities at all is beyond challenging -- either he is feeling "pain" or he isn't which doesn't provide a lot to go on in selecting remedies. :-) But, he is also the first one to admit that Homeopathy WORKS. He has experienced the amazing results first-hand quite a few times over the past ten years -- when the correct remedy is chosen.

Anyway, back to his severe ankle pain. After reviewing several remedies, we did decide to go with Ruta first. It didn't help. Now, the nice thing about giving my husband a remedy is that when it works or doesn't, it's blatantly obvious and he says so right out straight. So, I guess the black or white approach can be helpful at times. ;-)

For the past three days, the pain had gotten so bad that he was noticeably lame, and co-workers at his office were constantly asking him yesterday what was wrong. So, I pulled out my books, thought about remedies he has received in the past, weighed the information, and selected a different remedy last night: Guaiacum officinale.* This remedy has an affinity for arthritis and rheumatism, as do many others, but this one seemed a stronger fit in this instance. We started with a low potency so he took several doses before bed and, by morning, he said he was shocked that when he put his foot on the floor to get up out of bed the pain was almost entirely gone. Yup, just like that. Again, though, this remedy fit him and his particular set of circumstances -- other remedies may be more appropriate for other people.

THIS is when Homeopathy creates true converts!
And he didn't hesitate to credit Homeopathy for the turn-around when he got to work!

I am so grateful that I have taken an in-depth course in Homeopathy as well as having studied it for over ten years. My husband benefits, and so do our animals, as do I! Not to mention others with whom I've worked. I encourage people to learn more about Homeopathic remedies as a natural healing modality.

* Guaiacum officinale is the resin from the tree called Lignum vitae. This small tree with lovely blue flowers is an endangered species now in Florida; the wood is so heavy that it sinks, yet is loved by many woodworkers because the resin prevents it from drying out and so was often used on ships. A beautiful gift of Mother Nature that provides many healing qualities to those who appreciate how to connect with it.

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