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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Rose of Innocence

PINK. Love. Innocence.

Sitting in a field, I gaze into the center of the rose with childlike delight, smiling, giggling. My hands cup the petals as to a chalice brimming with love and grace. I feel infinite gratitude well up inside me like a blossoming flower, gentle and peaceful. I feel incredibly free, open and unconstrained! The very air around me vibrates to the symphony of the Universe.

Waterfalls of flowers, multi-colored and vibrant, cascade behind me, their gentle rush of petals like a whispered hush...sshhhh.... I sit and contemplate the pure joy of this moment. Bliss spreads throughout all that we are, here, now, One.

My cushion is precious, I feel nourished and fulfilled. My root is Her root, we are joined always, never knowing where one begins and the other ends because there is no beginning or end. I gaze into my rose crystal ball and smile at my future, because it is now and perfect. Laughing...

... Laughing... I am a fairy of the woods, sitting with a flower as large as a basket, able to reach my fingers into the spaces between the petals and soak up the secrets of Source where they shine int he dark recesses of the velvet folds. "Would you like me to tell your future?" I ask, giggling. Perfection as is.

I feel a resonance speaking to me on a level that is pure sensation, pure innocence, like a baby or child before they are able to articulate words. Like the world before language when all was One and perfect harmony was the whole vibration!

Truly, the moment I turned over this card I began smiling and haven't stopped! I feel like I've been given a present that is perfect in every way.

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