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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Healing Tears

She is Healing.
She is Mother.
Her kind, serene face warms my heart and I sink deeper into the silence, the stillness of this morning, this space of perfection.

She is my ancestor, the one whose native blood flows through my Being, each cell that beats to the distant drumming of women who walked the trail and shed the tears, creating new homes in distant lands. Yet they drew their strength from Earth Mother and buried their tired feet in Her nourishing mud. She calls to me to know my roots and embrace the gifts of that native form in its essence of nature honoring and generations of healers who tended the weary of soul.

She is here within as I feel her tears spill over to wash away all pain and suffering. In Her blood is the knowledge of Self and intuition, the faith and pure love for Gaia. All is alive and I feel Her in all that I touch. She is old and young at the same time, with the passion of youth and the wisdom of age as She travels across time and space to be here with me now; She is me. I feel our hearts beat as one and our arms wrap each other in the love of all Beings, all life, in love of the deep energy of rock and earth. I weep tears of joy and sorrow for the wounds She has suffered yet She continues to cleanse and heal and nourish.

She wears the Milky Way in Her hair and the Sun is her halo, and Grandmother Moon shimmers in Her eyes, eclipsed at times yet always present just as I feel all the ancestral grandmothers within my own Self, sharing their wisdom, pouring their love into my heart. She is the deep blue ocean and the pitch black sky, offering the expansiveness of all She is so that I may drink and bathe. I am filled with Her and I weep in gratitude for the blessings in each moment, my heart expanding to embrace all those I touch so that we can all feel Her Grace.

Healing tears pour forth like a river, rushing around the bends and curves, experiencing, living, creating, transforming! I feel such incredible bliss and opportunity knowing that my journey is within and without and all is as it should be. I feel the drumming of Her heartbeat, soft like bare feet upon the rich earth. Tapping, swaying, I move in Her ancient rhythm, feeling peace descend. Seeds of Her creativity scattered from the gourd that resonates in perfect synchronicity to the tapping feet, the soft drumming, the gentle resonance that is with all who walk softly upon Earth Mother. I feel the dirt between my toes as I stand in the fields of life past, present and future.

She gazes upon me with love from every soul I meet, no matter the circumstances, for She is there, beyond the suffering and I weep tears of healing. My heart opens and I feel the peace, Her peace. Ancestral Grandmother joins me in my Earth Walk, I feel Her strength and flexibility. She shares wisdom of how to bend and not break, to know Earth Mother, to know the Infinite is always a breath here, a moment there, She is with me in the tears of healing.

Thank you beloved many-times-over-great-Grandmother for your healing tears of love.


  1. How the Earth Mother holds you and is surely also your creative Muse! I especially liked the fourth paragraph where you describe her physically. Wow!

  2. Thank you. I am so glad to be able to finally be able to share some of what I feel when I connect with the Infinite, the Divine. The Soul Cards are wonderful portals for me to join with Her in the writing that pours forth. I truly become lost in the flow of the pen across the page...

    Your 'peaceful warrior' poem is incredibly powerful...peace and love to you, sister.


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