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Friday, December 31, 2010

Into The Fine Red Dust

SoulCards® Deborah Koff-Chapin, Center for Touch Drawing
I strive toward the goals that bring harmony. I sing into the universe and my world the messages carried within, pulsing, pounding. Just ahead, there, I see the goal. And yet, I feel at home here in this moment. Incredible peace descends in the realization of now and possibility.

I feel a red planet, conflict, wherein all goals are manifest, and know the blue planet of serenity, and I sense the balance to be found with a foot in each world. I move in the flow of grace along the river's edge, each current unique and I reach along with it to see and experience the fullness of Her world. I feel a gentle push, a nudge, an encouraging breeze, a bubbling splash of inspiration as I consider a goal. I am carried along by the river, up the red canyon walls by the wings of change, by that which disturbs the moment and tickles the soles of my feet with its powder when I step ahead into the fine red dust.

Movement and action call out and I respond with conscious awareness in order to participate in Her shift, in the re-creation of our world and my life and I offer simple gifts to Her in celebration of the transformation. Her power lies within the movement as I make strides in a direction that feels true and healing. I reach out, and sense a path that is strewn with rocks and sand and a few thorns that bring momentary pause. But they are a blessing and I sit in that space of stillness as needed to set the goal firmly, not firm like concrete but firm like the great pines who sway so that they don't snap. I set the possibility for action, for movement, and feed Her spirit, nourish my Self, providing the supplies I need to make the journey. Planning yet open to any opportunity, heading downstream but flowing around the boulders when possible rather than crashing over them and dispersing momentum. However, the goal is only there to provide direction and a path to growth, not to remove inspiration.

I breathe in the opportunities, the synchronicity, that present themselves in rainbow splashes on a backdrop of subtle burnished bronze. Our hearts join together as we seize the moment and ask how we may serve. In what way can our lives benefit the whole of Her world?

The goals are set and I strive with honesty to be home in Self yet journey with others, our unified rhythms creating beautiful music that spreads everywhere, our feet running together and standing in solidarity of love and compassion. I feel the warmth and thus know Her in these goals. We are needed, I am needed, for to be part of change is to embrace transformation on levels beyond me and mine and fear of lack but to know the abundance that dwells within Her - always. I see the goal and move in baby-steps and leaps, stumbling and bounding, toward abundance for all life, for I know this can be real, can be manifest because it is here all the time, already, in Her open arms and Her generous womb that bleeds life into our hearts.


  1. Happy New Year Darla! May the year to come be rich with blessings for you.

  2. Oh, Darla, so much beauty in your writing and in the message! "...rainbow splashes on a backdrop of subtle burnished bronze. Our hearts join together as we seize the moment and ask how we may serve. In what way can our lives benefit the whole of Her world?" Each of us needed; if we all fill the world with love, how can fear, doubt and disappointment exist? We can bring about heaven on earth through loving hearts and words such as yours here. Namaste

  3. Are these your paintings, tarot cards, etc? You write about goals, yet never leave each moment as you still keep the goal in your mind's eye. The prose is rich with courage and beauty, and I wish all this for you in 2011.

  4. Thank you, Laura, and to you as well!

    Rose, so very true..."Each of us is needed; if we all fill the world with love"

    Mermaid, no these images are the Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin; I combined both of her decks, and I draw one blindly each morning and meditate upon its message to me in that moment. May we all be "rich with courage and beauty"! Thank you!


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