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Monday, December 13, 2010

We Breathe As One

My inhale is your exhale. We breathe as One.

Our elements commingle reflecting each the other.

Reflections are not separate but share a view, an image,
a perspective to know where we need to grow.
I feel you with me, just there...

We float in the depths,
our hearts beat as the synchronous fluttering of the arrows of geese across the sky.

Without constraint, our limbs are fluid, wrapping around, pressing close; throughout our bodies a connection remains charged, conducted through the waters of love. We are joined in the center, the vein pulsing its power everywhere, our core is the same as we return to each other again and again for sustenance. We were born as one but torn apart at the last moment, ripped away to separate lives until we could find each other. Oh my Love, you were there in the beginning and we are joined in our hearts forever. When I close my eyes, I feel you and see you, our colors merge and we are One.

Only by moving away can we fully realize the path of Oneness. A journey back to each other brings awareness and growth - to me, to you, to all those we meet along the way who are also One.

Infinite reflections of the Infinite.

And so we rest. We sleep beneath the lake, a womb against which our hands press, feeling for others, the other reflections that are resting just out of reach, just out of sight, but we know they are there. If we tilt the mirrors 'just so', the reflections go on forever.

We are all drawn to the Light. We come together in the Light and see only each other, the illusion, because our eyes are closed. But open our eyes and we see the others. Hundreds of thousands, we are the leaves on the trees in a grove in a forest on a continent in a world of billions of reflections of the Light, all seeking to experience Life to become One with Source once more. To know that we are not alone, and not just meant for one other, but to be One with all Life, all reflections. When we open our eyes, hearts and souls, we know that we are reflected in everything and everything is reflected in us.

We are the Reflections and the Source.

I see my reflections for I am reflected within the
birds on wing
petals of a lady slipper
trunk of the tall sentinel pine
rush of a wave crashing over boulders
silky fur of a graceful cat
deep brown eyes of a faithful dog
challenging trail on a magnificent mountain
warm bright flame of a candle
sweet scent of roses
spicy fragrance of cinnamon
verdant green spears of asparagus
love shining softly in my partner's eyes
gratitude of kindness in helping others

all reflecting the Light we share and through them I know the Divine, Her reflections are glorious and I am overcome with the realization that we are One, without separation, and I know the illusion at last.

My exhale is your inhale. We breathe as One.


  1. Darla this is exquisite! There is a poem by Rabbi Arthur Waskow and the line I always remember goes something like "we breathe out what the trees breathe in and the trees breathe in what we breathe out"...I can't remember exactly...but the idea is that we are all breathing one another into being continuously throughout time...since the first breath of life on earth.

    Your writing is so beautiful...I'm so glad you stopped by today, so I could come over and read your words.

    gentle steps

  2. Thank you, Laura. And as you share ... "breathing one another into being"...yes! When we remain aware of this interconnection, don't we feel supported in every single moment?


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