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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Moment of Shift

Once upon a time...

I kneel upon the suffering world, feeling and hearing their cries echoing across the barren hearts of those who are too busy protecting their own fragile selves to stop and see, touch, feel and connect. I forget my Self, too, for a moment, and cower, all of us together feeling alone. In my heartache, I don't realize that I have turned my back upon Her rainbow of love that stretches across the entire land that is not barren, but full of miracles, promise, light and love. All I have to do is shed my fear, turn around, and She is here - one arm in shadow, one arm in light, Her embrace brings balance. Instead of cowering naked in my pain, exposed to the barbs of others who suffer, clinging to their familiarity, I can wrap Her rainbow cloak around me and become clothed in Light once more. I am reminded that "there is nothing to fear but fear itself." What a blessed joy to walk confidently night and day, step through dark and light, honoring the gifts of both death and rebirth.

One longest night, years ago or yesterday or ten years from now, I lie curled against my Self, and we feel fully that which must be released. Cry to let go and move forward. Grieve what has been lost and set it free. Honor the lessons learned. In cave, dark and deep, focus upon the messages of Shadow. And yet as the dawn breaks, Her light begins to grow longer, expanding, shining through every prism-heart to reflect all that might be, and we emerge from the cave.

A moment exists that cannot be measured - the moment of shift, of turning, of transition.
Dark to Light to Dark to Light .... both are necessary to Life.

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