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Friday, December 3, 2010

Sun Within The Soul

A sun glows within my heart. A light that shines forth, its rays like the petals of a sunflower, full and luscious and thick and bright. As it glows bigger and brighter, the rays begin streaming beyond my body, stretching out to where all is creatively manifest, no longer held with love and safety within, but unafraid to show itself. Saying "here! this is me! aren't I glorious?!" Bringing color and light into the world.

I, womb of Self, stretched to capacity, the walls thinning, birthing creation and love into the world as the fingers f light extend, first one, then another, in alternation, beaming across the bounds of time and space. The blue of the throat chakra, expression, is releasing its voice, its passion and joy into the world. The tinkling of a harp, "Claire de lune," rapidly flowing with the growing of the sun within, the radiance emerging, I can do all that I am meant to do and be all that I am meant to be! Those who need to share this light with me will join with me and share their light as well.

I am the Sun within the Soul.

Truly remarkable these gifts of expression through Soul Cards - what a wonderful process, an assist, a way that is so easy to step into without thought. They show the path to the mountains, they are the stepping stones to encourage me through change. I cannot let fear stop me. I know that I have gifts to share, love to share, with those who are seeking the same. And I will share!

My fire is lit; as I gently blow on the embers they glow and spread and sparks ignite, here and there, one flies off in this direction to touch someone, one in a different direction. I am that multi-faceted star I wrote of so many years ago, yet now I feel and see more light coming on!

The weight is lifting! Like a warm quilt made with deep love, each tiny stitch a prayer, a blessing, that I am pulling back so that I can move and fly and explore, grow and share, the quilt has served its purpose, I have been nurtured and nourished and protected. I was swaddled anew to heal and to grow and to become. To Be.

The warmth of the sun is shining upon my cocoon and I emerge, sleepy, but peace-full, filled with serenity, with love and seeing the potential of Gaia, of Her living Beings, all of us together, and I feel a pull to stretch my wings; they are still fragile and damp, my growth is slow and steady, my birth measured in increments, but I raise and lower my wings gently, they are drying, becoming strong, soon to lift me high in the air where I will soar with sun and flirt with flowers, and we will be a joy unto each other and the world for with us She is glorious, Her blessings flow and lift, nourish and swaddle, as I move into a new phase, transforming, letting my fear of flying, of falling, drop away behind me. I lift into the moment, the center of life and being. Present in the Divine as She is present within me. I look around and am overcome by Her Grace and power, tenderness and toughness, as She transforms in so many ways.


  1. The soul cards are beautiful...and the messages they contain even more so!

  2. These cards amaze me with what they can evoke from within...


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