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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wise One

She gives freely and openly, offering all that She is and has. I move toward the Wise One, Her face the measure of time and compassion, a bit of sadness etched within the lines of love, and yet peace radiates from Her hands and heart. She sees the violence and Her face sags, the skin pulling down upon itself from the weight, yet still She gives abundantly, always willing to embrace errors or anger. I feel no judgment from Her, only a desire to heal the wounds of the world, my wounds. She brings the fires of light and transformation. I move into Her and She welcomes me, we are one, and I see through Her eyes, my heart aching until I feel the light, I connect with Her fully and from above a light descends meeting the light that is growing within, and spreading, until we are One.

But even beyond what I perceive as our Oneness, the light expands in a rainbow, arching over our entire world, bringing color and delight, passion and love, the rainbow never wavering and always there for us to see the tremendous diversity. So many blessings all around us. We don't need to go 'somewhere over the rainbow' but look where we are and the light is here, the love is here. She brings us the rainbow in Her hands, She creates rainbows in our lives each moment. I see my own rainbow, is it full or half or double?! A low arch or high right now? Is it hiding in the mist or blazing across the sky?!

Her wise and wizened visage emerges from the darkness where all is quiet and peaceful, awaiting the return. She is emerging from the grotto. See Her there in Her earthen cloak with the fiery seams and the crystalline embroidery as she floats and shimmers? A cave, a portal, a watery womb of love from whence she comes in guises I can relate to, shifting in and out of form like a leaf twirling in the breeze, only to settle when I am ready to awaken. Then She brings forth the gifts I need, Her wisdom, Her strength of purpose, Her light and passionate love birthed into my being like the lightening zigzagging through my body and soul when we merge and I trust and love and accept for when I open and we become the One we always are and always will be, I am at peace.

She comes from the grave, from the flowers.

She comes from darkest night and sun-filled skies.

I do not fear her when she calls to me from the dark because that is where we wrap ourselves together within a blanket of dreams and endless possibilities. In her cave is where we manifest the shadows of what is to come. Abundance! Anything and everything is already here! She helps me see the gifts are always available.

She is grandmother of grandmothers, giving Her life to me. Again I move to embrace and accept as we dance our cycles together. She is the dark one filled with the light of the Infinite in Her soft smile.

Form is nothing but a doorway into Being.

From the Crone comes rebirth; the Hag lights the way.

Once I finished my stream of consciousness writing upon the image drawn at random, I found the image particularly striking in its synchronicity, because I recognized that She was one of the many faces of Holy Mother, Tara, the Divine Feminine ... offering Herself to me this morning as I sat down to type and realized that I had missed the second part of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes' "Untie The Strong Woman" audio webinar last night! I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 9 o'clock which was when the live presentation was to begin, completely escaping my conscious memory, and yet, on an energy level I apparently connected with Her and the women sitting in Her space (along with CPE), so this morning She made Her presence known to me. I'm so grateful for this clear reminder of how we are all One.

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