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Friday, December 24, 2010

Speak the Truth We See

I speak the Truth I see. As I open my eyes to the world around me, I try to be fully present, to see through Her eyes the Truth of life. Not the illusions, the play, which although enjoyable and serves an important purpose, but rather to see and speak the Greater Truth. I feel Her presence when I express what I see in love and honesty, respecting diversity and celebrating the uniqueness of every single being I experience. She sees all and Her words become all that I see. Beauty surrounds me in every moment. I am so grateful for all that has become manifest.

I see not only with my eyes but also with my heart for to truly see is to know with every cell of my being. When I close my eyes, I can still see ... the warm sunshine, the soft fur of a cat, the love in the embrace of my partner, the cool wind that sweeps away the residue of the past. And when I hear the song of a bird, or the cry of a child, or the joyous bark of a dog, I see their feelings and feel their energy. We are connected through all that I see.

I see through someone else's eyes and experience their world, thoughts, feelings and sensations when I hold their hand or sit in their space, or when I read a book, article or blog, or when I listen to an audio version or watch a bind person read and see through their fingers. To see is to know that which has been expressed by another. And to see what resides behind the expression ... just there. For no matter what the obvious expression, it usually hides a Greater Truth. To see beyond the make-believe, the pretense, the defenses; to see the Divine Being that is within all life - that IS all life. To see is to know that we are all One and to accept the Soul that peeks out from behind the veil of illusion for that Soul is precious and to be loved.

She brings the world into being with Her breath and Her vision. Her Vision. Can you imagine?! I see the stories and tales in my mind and they pale in comparison to The Vision that continues to expand across the horizon of Her infinite knowing.

I see Her, imagine Her, feel and sometimes know Her swirling the galaxies within and without a huge mixing bowl, measuring and creating and blowing Her breath of life into the mix, dropping tears of compassion, making infinite designs. She sees and Her vision manifests miracles every moment. Do you see with me? All we have to do is look. I see the waitress helping out at the diner at the last minute, the nurse working while planning a joyous holiday for her toddler, the children playing in the snow across the street, the widow ladies caring for each other in their changed circumstances, the dog that allows the cat to snuggle closer.

I see and treasure the knowing that through the grace of a single moment I am still here, loving, learning, growing, accepting, embracing all the nuances of Her Vision - Life.

One Vision - One Voice - Love.

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