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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Ability to Soar

We are Angels waiting to realize our ability to soar.

I stand like a mountain and am grounded in Gaia's strength and stability, She supports me and our roots become entwined. She feeds me and I grow into a tree of life, my limbs are Hers and we stretch high, expanding, reaching.

I feel her blood nourish me, the waters of Her living womb flow, Her sap pulsates upward, carrying love and communion and I feel myself lift, rise, our energy joined and calm.

And the fire glows within, shooting itself up, out and away, creating and acting, building campfires, lighting candles, honoring fireflies and volcanoes, the warmth of Her love suffusing all that I do and providing a light to guide my way home.

My shoulders twitch and tingle, and begin to sprout wings, the feathers downy and too fluffy yet to support my weight in flight, but they stir the air and move my heart and lift my soul with their birth, soon growing full and strong.

I feel the safe knowing, the empowerment of realizing that I can fly wherever She calls and we can soar as One, our wings in tandem and I open my eyes to all that might be. We are Angels, all of us, waiting to realize the gifts in each moment, each element, for heaven is here and now.

She is within me and within every atom of the world as She explores and experiences Herself through all life. She is sensation and thought, and the very force that is vital to each of us. We are Angels and when we realize this gift, then She is no longer 'out there' but 'in here' and there and there! For what is an Angel? A soul, a spirit, a Being of Light that helps and guides and supports and encourages and watches over me, and how can I bring those loving qualities into this perfect life in this moment? I lift my arms to Her and they become wings.

I feel a flutter within my womb and the bird calls out to me in its sweet song to open my heart, to breathe. That when I breathe in love it fills the quills of my feathers so that I can rise without effort, the wind a purple ribbon to catch as it spirals in the breeze. When I breathe deeply and fully the tears fall and are released to nourish the seeds that I drop into the wind to scatter upon the earth. It is not mine to know which seeds take root for that their own journey. When I feel the flutter in my womb, and the song rises in my heart, exiting on the exhale, I breathe out love and faith for all life to know Her and the fullness of this moment and the ability to fly, to spread wings and soar.

A crane of peace resides within, feel my great wings begin to spread outward, one leg lifts, as I start to rise without effort because this is simply who I am, able to fly, able to ground, able to dive, able to transform.

For we are Angels, held down only through our own perception of limitations. I let the limits fall away and I can fly in love with Her.


  1. Indeed each of us is an Angel Darla...a malach, a messenger, here to teach and learn from one another!

    bright blessings dear one

  2. Bright blessings to you as well, m'dear Laura. Is there a deeper meaning or a longer definition the dwells in the word "malach"?


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