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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Her Endless Sea

I raise my arms above my head, holding the bowl of possibility that within swirls a thick soup of nourishing life and endless love that I pour out into the milky way as I realize the Divine Mother in my Self.

I feel strong and steady, sharing all that I have and am. I see what might be and feel Divine wisdom shining forth, coming through, expanding my vision in unimaginable waves of beauty and bliss. I feel a calm that reflects Her sea without storm or ship or enmity. Within Her ocean of possibility pouring forth I am carried and nurtured, buoyed by birth and blessed in the blood of all who ever were and ever will be. I undulate in Her rhythmic womb and we sing in tune, our harmony a song of love enchanting those who sail along, friend or foe to know the flow of love that is always here and now, supporting and serenading endlessly.

She is Abundance and her bowl is never empty, for even when the flow may pause, there is no cause for fear as the ebb is a gift of rebirth and transformation to renewed flow as I ride the crest and sink in the trough of her waves, and become as fluid as the whales whose mighty forms are as elegant in their element as the snake shedding her skin in the sands of time.

And so, I swim in the flow from the bowl of infinite possibility, nourished by Her ocean of love and sea of abundance.

Her endless sea of infinite possibility.

This was one of those exquisite* mornings where I rose and felt an incredible serenity permeating all around me, like some kind of restrictive energy had been released so that all is fluid and at ease.

I did listen to the luminous "A Sufi Song of Love" by Robert Gass & On Wings of Song last night before going to bed; I share a small part of that music HERE along with the Soul Cards I've drawn thus far on my Journey of Soul Inquiry. This choral chant - Kalama - essentially "points to that Love-Unity which created the universe." (The entire composition on the CD is over 30 minutes of blissful enchantment.)

Before even drawing my Soul Card this morning, I felt deeply joyous, writing bits every so often between the duties (putting the dogs outside, feeding the cats and dogs, cleaning up after the Elder One) that come before settled contemplative writing ...

Deep peace of acceptance flows
As she accepts her limitations
So do I, and in this acceptance
We are both carried within the calm.
(for Chiana)
I stare at the yard
barren and brown
as I wait for the card
that turns me around
in my thinking I pause
for an opportune time
while my soul is the cause
of multi-moments sublime

the silence is immense and small
no music, fridge quiet,
animals at rest
eyes closed against distractions all
I breathe, inhale and exhale,
grateful for my nest
Thank you Gaia for all you have done
for Guiding Moon and Shining Sun
Purusha and Prakriti, thank you for the endless sea
of swirling stars, of Infinity
Opening my heart that I might see
Infinite Love's possibilities

*Thank you to Laura for reminding me the other day of this blessed adjective!

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