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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Her Face in the Dark Soil

I see Her face embedded in the dark soil of rebirth and know comfort; Her lips parted, She sings of eons and moments.

Death is near for a dear one and She awaits the return of this dear one with calm serenity and love for I feel Her. Death is not the opposite of Life for Life is eternal. Death and Birth are simply transitional phases like the Full and Dark Moons, the ebb and flow of the tides, each asking for but a moment to see beyond the Veil of Illusion, a glimpse into the mystery of sacred Source.

I pause at Her edge, and look deeply into Her, into Self, into Souls who have gone before and those ready but hesitant. My question is not how to prevent once the moment is near, but how to help. She invites my attention in knowing the difference between rescuing and helping, to know when to let go. A gift is brought into my life and we walk so many paths, we share stories to be told and most of all, there is love and compassion and a deep respect for soul beyond differences. Her lips whisper in comforting tones of responsibility, and I open my heart as wide as possible, breathing deeply, touching the Truth.

Her face lies among the dirt and pink sands, the shades of Her subtle and yet rich with vitality, carrying in Her gentle smile the promise of peace and rebirth. Her presence is all around me, every pair of eyes a remarkable reflection of Her diversity and love. Their words a mystery to me and yet when I close my eyes and listen with my heart, I hear their thoughts of love and joy, I see their acceptance of what is. She teaches me through them and I am filled with gratitude and honor to be Her student for the gifts of companionship far outshine the shadows of transition. And I learn to embrace the shadows even, for the nearness and truth they bring, clearing away the glitter and distraction of the outer world.

Angels rise from Her depths, energies swirl and merge, souls are joined in Her, and I feel such peace in the Unity. Knowing that I will also make the journey, I listen and open to Her voice through the next precious soul, and the next. I touch the body yet feel the soul, just as I fill my hands with soil and know Her. Is it time? Soon.

I enjoy each precious moment, knowing, seeing, understanding through the tears and ache that life is change. From Her face new life emerges, from Her womb new life is born. Over and over, the cycle continues, each new life is eternal. We visit and experience, teach and learn, grow and fall down. I embrace Her through the souls who choose to walk with me, and we create community in diversity. I am grateful to know Her face in so many amazing Beings.

I welcome each moment for the gift that it is, knowing with serenity that this too shall pass as does all in this life, now and forever, and then return. Each exquisite life is Divine and She shines through them always. Her face is mine and theirs and everyone's. Her face is in each plant and rock and stream. We are all the same ultimately, merging, we become One. And I see Unity in Her face. I see Love.

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