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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Together We Pray

I stand before you, stripped of all pretense, naked in my Self, my heart full of love.

I stand here in supplication, offering my Self, to receive wisdom and guidance.

I look up and become lost Your radiance, my heart open and waiting. We are One. I feel a rush of energy sweep up and over, and I am filled with color.

She wraps her cloak around me and together we pray.

We stand before the Light, beaming down to draw our highest good into clarity and focus. I see Her before me and yet She is within. She becomes the One who sheds her cocoon, dropping the cloak, and it falls like a river of silk, landing in a puddle of folds at my feet. She shows me my own divinity. I see my Self in Her eyes and feel Her love. Together we pray, our hearts open.

She is my larger Self, the grand dame of our shared vision, and I am in awe of Her potential. She moves unafraid and confident, facing each moment in perfect equanimity and wisdom. She is the fairy of the garden, soaring and hovering, always near but rarely seen until I pause in stillness. When I pause, I feel Her gentle cloak, Her sparkling hair as the tendrils float upon the air, Her face glows as if drenched in morning sun and diamond dewdrops, and her hands are the vessels that catch and hold my tears. Her hands caress my heart, cradling the ache, cupping my pain until it melts from Her warmth to dribble away through Her fingers, falling harmlessly now, cleansed and seen - visible tears, crystal clear. She sees me in my Truth, She sees the real me and still She loves me. The wonder I feel in Her presence is one of such deep gratitude and peace that I could stay with Her forever in the these moments of bliss. And together we pray.

Our hearts are One. She is not 'out there' but is instead always right here as I clasp my hands over my heart and feel Her within. Knowing this gift is almost more than I can bear but yet makes all the suffering that has gone before knowing worth it. Knowing now that Her hands were clasping within mine, our hearts were beating in Unity, She was smiling through my tears and her hands touching, holding, were and are my solace.

She is my Self and Spirit and Source of All without separation or limitation.

Her hands write the story of my life and carry the love in my heart. Her hands touch me on all levels of being, and Her touch tells me I am fine, loved, beautiful, smart, strong, confident here and now. Her hands hold me when I stumble, and She waits until I am steady again. And She is always here. And together we pray.

As I bring my hands together I feel Her presence, Her hands are an overlay upon mine like the thinnest of silk gloves woven from the gossamer of angels' wings released to grow anew. Gloves of love.

And when my time comes to depart this body, She will rise with me and we will hold hands, mine in Hers and Hers in mine for She is the pure love in touching.

She is the healing energy within our hands, and She is with me whenever I reach out to others or inward to Self. Every touch is a prayer.

And together we pray.

As someone who is a spiritual eclectic, I used to feel uncomfortable with the word "pray" as it brought me into thoughts of religious dogma. However, I feel grateful to have reached a point in my spiritual journey where I can feel the purity of prayer in all its myriad forms (from meditation to contemplation, from ritual to spells, and beyond). I also open to the non-gendered Infinite Spirit, Source of all that is ever within and without everything that exists or is the unseen. My heart and spirit know 'that which cannot be named' yet I relate to Her, the Sacred Feminine, in order to connect with Source. May we all know peace in The Divine.


  1. oh Darla...this is truth robed in beauty, naked in unity...I am so grateful to have found each others blogs...YOU are such an inspiration!!!!

  2. We are each of us blessed in these connections that share a way of unity through space and time. Thank you, Laura, for 'seeing' and honoring with every fiber of your being.

  3. When She is with me, as She is with you, I am the Mother and the Child.

    This is so beautiful, and an inspiration I hope to follow with more of your entries.

  4. You share a deep truth, Mermaid... thank you.


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