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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dream of Peace

I have a dream.
And I feel the dream of peace radiating everywhere.
All I create, all I bring into being, is part of my dream of peace.

Is it any wonder that I am not comfortable with anger, violence or aggression? I do not hate, but rather love. I feel compassion for the souls in torment, but not for their acts.
Yet I feel the peace that can be here now. Right now. This moment. Everywhere.

I dream and see and feel the birth of peace, over and over again, in concentric circles, spreading, rippling. And She holds me and my dream; we are the egg of new life, of peace on earth. I feel myself held in the fluids of nourishing love, and I float like an embryo, my umbilical is Her light, and is pure enough to nourish all Beings.

I have a dream and I create! Look at all the ideas, the eggs of new life! So many! And I hold each one, turning it 'round, precious and unique, bringing a new way of sharing inspiration. Building, shaping, healing, teaching, guiding, storytelling, listening, offering, opening...Being.

Tara comes and holds us sheltered and loved, fragile yet strong in our opportunities of being int he world. I am the creatrix of my own life through Her. I look around and see Her descent, Her pause, Her moments of dormancy, not death but transformation into rebirth. I feel all the power She is pouring into the seeds of rebirth. Beneath the brown decay lies a hum we can hear if we press our ear upon Her womb. A whispered vibrant note of the first harp, the first song sung in harmony as we all join together. Sound. The sound of peace is within, Her voice soft and serene.

I hold the egg of my dream and Her voice echoes within the chamber; we are both enjoying this time of perfect harmonic union, the moment before the shattering that comes with birth. The moment before the explosion of growth and action. The moment before the world joins in and casts illusions upon the path. This time is precious.

Have we lost our way? Does She wonder why we run away from the gray skies and the blackest nights? Why do some of us fear the silence, the womb, the blessed moments before rebirth? I accept Her hand as she leads me into the peace of long nights of renewal and insight.

The cold is opportunity to feel contrast and comfort in the shelter of going within -- within home, within Self. The dark is opportunity to explore the shadows more easily because they blend and merge with the dark and we can sit beside them then like two childhood friends on a log in the deep woods.

All I have to do is see Her Light in my Self and I feel the warmth of Her flame and the gray skies and long, dark nights are peaceful and perfect. I see Her candle glowing gently. These cycles are not a time to be afraid of the darkness. When I have stepped into the dark, She is there with arms wide open, and She envelops me in the dark as I dream in the night of peace.

And as I dream, so will it be. I am Peace.


  1. "I dream and see and feel the birth of peace, over and over again, in concentric circles, spreading, ripping." Oh Darla this is such a clear image...peace expanding outward, birthing and rebirthing itself into the world in each moment, each breath.

    I always feel so relaxed after reading your insightful words:)

  2. Thank you, Laura. I'm pleased the image resonated with you. It seems that we each receive just what we need from the other's blog... So happy we connected... :-)

  3. Your words are beautiful and peaceful. Thank you! Surely, much of peace is a matter of trust, trusting that the Universe will always provide what we need; no worry, no stress, no anger or frustration. Several years ago, I learned of the yogic concept of ahimsa, non-violence. As I started to explore this, I started to really see all the anger in violence in so many little things that I'd never noticed before. Loud noises like fireworks (beautiful, but not peaceful), violence in sports like football (exciting, but not peaceful), fans yelling at the TV, grown men running into each other and knocking one another down, etc. Peace requires focus, perhaps a dream of an egg of new life. Thank you for your beautiful imagery!

  4. Those are wonderful insights of ahimsa, Rose, thank you. As we all begin to share how impressions impact us so powerfully, we will *become* the dream of peace. _/\_


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