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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sisters in Symbiosis

We are the greening beneath the snow that lies waiting to grow.

In Her arms we are held gently and with love, reaching upward.

We mirror each other, the flora and fauna, each feeding the other in perfect symbiosis.

An innocent child and the bud of a plant, we grow together, sharing the light and the dark, dreaming each other into existence and all the world glowing around us in joyous becoming. As a young shoot leans toward the sun, so do I reach toward Her Light, knowing there is my sustenance, there is my Self.

From Her crown springs fully-grown wisdom and knowledge and love that She freely shares from Her canopy that provides shade and depth and color and shadow. Her leaves are scored with veins of purity, the love effervescent and shimmery in the night, brighter than the light of a thousand candles. We are held here, nurtured and safe, sharing our thoughts and energies, attuned to all life beyond the mind, or beneath or within each other, our very cells calling and connecting, the roots spreading hundreds of thousands of miles and holding hands next door. Right now, I nestle deep in the earth, the soil around me alive and constantly moving as we exchange nutrients and fluids and love for we are alive in our dormancy, alive in our hibernation, a slow-motion party from another dimension where the grace of our tendrils sway to and fro. We hold our breath together, waiting. She whispers tales of the above world where all is now somber and peaceful, gathering strength for what is to be birthed. Her breath tickles my ears and I smile in delight.

Her beauty is beyond compare, beyond the physical because when I open to Her, She shows all of Her Self, She does not wish to hide Her wonders or Her wisdom or Her divine adoration for all of us. Her mantle of green spreads and extends above and below. A perception of color to guide and glorify all that is manifest. Through Her adornments we connect with our senses, going beyond anything we ever thought possible just by letting go. She is Gaia and so much more. Realms and worlds beyond our senses are ecstatic in Her garments, they entwine with us at every level. Imagine! I close my eyes and they become open windows to All. In awe I see the aura I feel. Amazed, I feel the energy that I know to be. I stand with a tree or sit with a plant or rest upon the soft moss that vibrates with me in the eternal hum of all Life connected in Her.

The plants are my sisters and we dance in circles, our arms raised in praise, welcoming our Mother's love.

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