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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Her Voice in the Light

I lie upon the ground, my womb against Her and wiggle forward ever so slowly to peer into the opening. The white light calls to me in a voice so pure and sweet, like the melody of angels crooning to babies waiting for rebirth. The rock is smooth and slippery, as I feel the rim around which my fingers automatically curve. I caress a warm edge pulsing with life, and rest my chin, sinking into relaxation as I hear The Voice and all love pours out with the light that shimmers in iridescent waves of bliss. Could I glide into the light as it spills over into me? I feel myself lean a little further, my bare skin clinging to the rock by weight alone as we join our bodies. See there in the brightness? New life, filled with opportunity and love. I wait and watch, listen and feel, knowing my time will come and She will call my name and together we will be One again even though we have never been apart. I see in the light a mirror of all that has been and ever will be reflecting images of Truth and Healing. I kiss the mirror for She is in me and I am in Her and the opening is one more window, one more glimpse into a facet of possibility. I crawl upon the surface that is hard and unyielding, yet warm and moist, knowing the light is always with me. All I have to do is open my eyes and see. It's that simple - and that profound. Look into the light, be the light, and become Love.

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