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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sparks Ignite

She is the Muse that offers to ignite my creativity with her gentle smile and sparks of inspiration. Like a guardian of all that could be, She is powerful and empowering, guiding me from within through opening my heart to feel and eyes to see the wonders from tiny to immense.

I feel Her moving within as She casts out ideas and plants seeds that carry each one its own unique expression. My seeds are each one an opportunity for growth and sharing, offering the potential to expand and spread across the mind like groves of trees that begin to take on a group consciousness, providing support to one another.

The dawn's light starts as a mere glow on the horizon and then expands until we are all bathed in Her love. I feel the golden waves washing over me like the wind across fields of ripened grains almost ready for harvest.

She sits just there, my ribs are the arms of Her chair, as She watches and inspires, offering encouragement. I feel my chest expand and my heart pounds near to bursting with anticipation.

Born from the fires of passion, I hesitate to fully embrace the release. Even the words seem to hesitate in their intent, seem to contradict each other and reveal a certain meeting of opposite forces: how can we "embrace" and "release" at the same time? And yet, duality is a concept used so that we can experience life through contrast.

I find words inadequate at times like these ... when energy is surging and ideas are rushing all around, sparks igniting everywhere setting off cascading effects of power flows that can feel a little intimidating. The fires begin to roar and rise, their flames soaring and then flickering, reflecting off the broader palette. And the reflection catches my attention. The refractive light tamer and more easily defined and detailed in its calm. The vision without the burning heat that threatens to blind and overwhelm.

Balance in all things, as I feel a warming energy, an inspiring and empowering aura surround me, thus the embrace. And so now I reach out and release to heal and love without fear of destructive explosion. The heat, the fire, that was growing out of control has found its outlet and can carry warmth without burning.

The light, She grows. From a spark can come enlightenment.


  1. I loved the groves of trees and dawn imagery. I am learning to feel her presence as my own. I'm reading a book called Woman, Writing, and Soul Making. I'm finally learning to let go of the mind, of conscious thought, letting the pen guide me where I most need to go and explore.

  2. "My seeds are each one an opportunity for growth and sharing, offering the potential to expand and spread across the mind like groves of trees that begin to take on a group consciousness, providing support to one another."

    Such a heart expanding, breath filling image you create with your words Darla...I fall in love with your sweet soul more and more, every time I stop by and read your writing...it as though we have known each other for many lives...soul journeys entwined:)

  3. Mermaid, you poetry flows with incredible grace; I enjoy our tandem moments of sharing. Thank you for mentioning the book; I intend to order a copy. Letting go of mind is powerful, is it not? This is my learning as well. May you continue to be blessed in your explorations!

    Laura, I feel our souls entwined as well and feel so very honored to be sharing our journeys through writing and energy. :-)

    The Soul Cards are helping me open and through them She encourages me to write without my Inner Critic stepping into any pauses. These morning meditations of writing are glorious, even when they touch some pain or darkness because of this opening and non-judgment. Yet, when I transcribe them onto the blog, it is sometimes a struggle not to edit, but I am always content once the task is complete because I have honored soul, Self and She Who Is. Very freeing!


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